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Mission: To advance the discipline of strategy by expanding the number of proven methodologies and promoting their usage globally

Mantra: Closing the gap between what science knows and management does

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From 2004 SMC  has been educating organizations in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East in linking Strategy to Operations. The training program focuses latest successful methods and tools for developing, deploying, managing and enhancing strategies to drive performance of private and public organizations. The program was developed on case studies and practical exercises that help to understand and quickly transfer the content into practical terms. At the end of the program participants have an option to pass an examination in order to receive a SMC Certificate on Strategy Management   SMC Certified Professional -SMP

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Research and Certification Programs

Upcoming Certification Program - ON LINE - MARCH 2023

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Presenting the Strategy Management Certification Program 

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"The best project based program I ever participated"

Maria Edes

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Todos os vídeos

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Presenting the Strategy Management Certification Program
Presenting the Strategy Management Certification Program
March 2023
21 Jul 2020, 09:00 – 11:00
On Line ZOOM
Online ZOOM Conference
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